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My Brothers a Famous Singer

My My name is Hannah and everyone got a brother or sister, but my brother is a famous singer called Max so before he became famous, one day, I saw him playing his guitar anyway I said to him “do you want to a famous singer?” then Max reply “I do” then Hannah reply back “I hope you become famous” he playing some note on his guitar. I went downstairs to have my tea so our parents are called Phil and Wendy, but want Max to do a normal a job like working in a shops or supermarkets. Anyway Phil shout “Max, come down for tea” in his bedroom he reply “I coming down now” he stop playing his guitar, then put it down. He came downstairs to join them and he sat with his family to eat, so Wendy said to Max “how are you Max?” then Max reply “I good, and thanks for asking” so Wendy reply “no problem.” Phil said “I been to work today, and my boss is going on holiday” then Wendy reply “where is going to?” then Phil reply back “he going to Tokyo, with his wife for two weeks.” Wendy said “who is in charge of the office?” then Phil replies “his friend I think” then Wendy reply back “ok.” Hannah said “I would like to go to Japan, for a holiday one day” then Phil reply “it is expenses to fly there” then Max said “if I ever become a famous singer, we all can go there.” Phil said “I wait and see Max” then Wendy said “so is your boss’s wife is Japanese?” Then Phil replies “she is and he can’t speak any Japanese, so she has to translate for him.” Hannah said “it good that his wife translate for him, when speak to her parents” so they all are eating their tea. After tea Hannah and Max are going back upstairs to do something, while Wendy is washing the plates, forks and knifes. In Hannah bedroom she is on her computer watching videos about people pranking other people, also in Max bedroom he is playing some note on his guitar, so he got books about learning the guitar. Downstairs, Wendy and Phil are talking to each other so Phil said “I think Max should get a normal job like me” then Wendy reply “it up to him” then Phil reply back “I hope, he don’t feel worthless, if don’t get a gig. “Wendy said “if he success I been happy for him” then Phil reply “he can buy me, a saloon car.” Hannah left her bedroom and knock on Max door, then Max said “who is it?” then Hannah reply “it’s me” then Max reply back “come in, Hannah” she come in his room and he said “what do you want?” Hannah said “I think dad want you give up your dream” she closed his door and sat near him, so Max reply “why you think that?” then Hannah reply back “I don’t know why.” Max said “I think he want me get a normal job like him, and been a nobody” then Hannah reply “just ignore him, and focus on your dream” then Max reply back “thanks Hannah.” Hannah said “no, problem then “she left his room then go back to her bedroom, and downstairs Wendy and Phil are watching TV programme about caravan so Phil said “I want a caravan when I retire, and how about you?” Wendy said “I want one that you can attach to your cars, and drive to a campsite.” the next morning Wendy, Hannah and Max are having breakfast in the kitchen, and Max said “you will be late for school Hannah” then Hannah reply “I wouldn’t be” Hannah knows that Max was only joking with her, and both finish their breakfast then leaving the house. Max is walking Hannah to the bus stop and Hannah said “thanks for walking me to the bus stop” then Max reply “no, problem” so both arrive at the bus stop. Hannah said “did you get the bus to school when you were my age?” then Max reply “I did and I always meet up with my friends here, to talk what we did night before” then Hannah reply back “that cool” the bus stop, Hannah said “have a good day today.” Then Max said “I will and you enjoy school today” she gets on the bus and pay her bus fare, then he walk back home minutes later arrive back home, anyway Phil and Wendy are talking in the kitchen. Wendy said “enjoy work today Phil” then Phil reply “I will ” so Wendy, kisses Phil and he left then said to Max“enjoy today Max ” then Max reply “I will too” Phil left the house to get in his car. Max put on the TV and saw something interest and the newscaster said “do you want to be a famous singer or in a band, why don’t you come down here and audition in front of a judge” then Max said “I going to audition” then Wendy come in the see it on the TV. Wendy said “are you sure you want to audition?” then Max reply “I am ready, I think” then Wendy reply back “just good for it.” He went upstairs to get his guitars and put in his guitar case, then come downstairs then said to Wendy “I see you later”. So he close the front door and Wendy said “good luck” he didn’t hear her. She on own and reading a woman magazine in the kitchen, so Max have walk to the building with queue with over a thousand people who think are wannabe singers or future teens idols, and join the queue. One person said to Max “hi, and are you here to audition?” then Max reply “I am, and are you here to the same?” then she reply back “I am but I hope the judge like my singing.” Then Max said “me too.” A member of the TV crew said “next person” three hours later a member of the TV crew said “next person” Max walk, toward the table and said “can I audition today?” then the member of TV crew said “ok what is your name?” Max tells his name. He enters the building and sat in big room with lots of chairs, with people talking to each other, so sat down the girl he talk to early sat near him. She said “hi, do you remember me?” then Max reply “I do, and you finally got in here” then she reply back “I went on the toilet because I am nervous.” Max said “don’t been nervous and do you best” then she reply “I will, and my name is Chloe, and what is your name?” Max reply back “I am, Max” then Chloe reply backs “I got a cousin with the same name as you.” Max said “that good” so another TV crew member said “can the girl group follow me” then the girl group follow him, to the audition room. Chloe said “I hope the judge think if their good” then Max reply “me too” minutes later the girl group left out and were happy, so Max said “I think they impress the judge” then Chloe reply “I can tell”. The TV crew said “can the boy group follow me” the boy group follow him, toward the audition room and Chloe said “good luck to them” then Max reply “I hope everyone, here do well today” then Chloe reply “you are so positive.” The boy group came out happy and Chloe said “they impressed the judge too” then Max reply “that good for them” all others people are talking to each other why are they here. Few are hours the TV crew said “can Chloe follow me, to the audition room” then Chloe said “I may turn to impress the judge now, and good luck for you” then Max reply “I hope, you do really well in the audition” then Chloe reply back “thanks Max” she follow the TV crew to the room. Three minutes later she left the room looked a bit sad, and sat near Max so he said “what happen in the audition?” then Chloe reply “the judge said I can sing but think I should, come back next year” then Max reply back I did you best, and your parents will be proud of you.” Chloe said “you right, and I hope you really show off your sing and guitar skills” then Max reply “I hope too” the TV crew said “Max follow me” so Max said to Chloe “wish me, luck” then Chloe reply “good luck.” He follow the TV crew to the audition room, and he said to Max “go toward that room” then Max reply “ok” walk to the room then enter inside where the judge is sat down, behind a table. The judge said hello and I will be listening to your singing, and oh” then Max reply “what do you mean oh?” then the judge reply back “do you play the guitar?” then Max reply back “I do.” The judge said “I been also watching, you playing the guitar too” then Max reply “that fine” Max start playing his guitar and starts to sing, two minutes later the judge said I'm impressed with your guitar skills, and how long have you been play for?” Then Max reply “since I was fifteen years old” then the judge replies back “you singing good, so I decide to give you a yes.” Max said “thanks, and can you give Chloe a yes, so maybe she can be a famous singer with me” then the judge reply “ok, tell her to come back in here” then Max reply “I will” he left the audition room happy. Chloe was waiting for him to come out and said “Max, how did you get on?” then Max reply “I got a yes, and the judge want you to, go back because, he might give you a yes” then Chloe reply back “did you have a word with him?” Then Max reply back “I did.” Chloe was exciting and said “thanks Max, for that and we could be both famous singers” she went to the audition room, so he left the building so he can tell his family the good news. So half an hour later he arrive home then said “hi, I home and is anyone in?” else every were having their tea. Max said “I got some good news, to tell you all” then Wendy said “I tell Hannah and your dad about you audition, so how it went?” then Max reply “I got a yes, and he was impress with my guitar skills” then Hannah said “well done and I am glad for you.” Phil said “did a lots of people went to audition today?” then Max reply “there were over a thousand people, and the TV crews did a good job, with helping the people.” then Wendy said “did you meet any nice girl there?” then Max reply “this one girl she was called Chloe.” Hannah said “I think he could be, in love with her” then Max reply “If I'm in love it, none of your busy” then Wendy said “I glad you like someone.” Max have his tea and the next day he got a phone call it was the judge, he said that Max got a record deal with an producer so he left his home to make music in London, then arrive in a studio to meet up with producer for the first time. The producer said “you are working with this girl” it was Chloe, and she said to Max “I know we sing together” then Max reply “I glad too” both release an album together, and it went to number one in album charts. Both become famous singers too and rich too . The end